Oklahoma National Guard Regional Training Institute - Education Center

Anyone can reserve a classroom at the Oklahoma Regional Training Institute. Each classroom has access to audio-visual equipment such as an instructor computer workstation, overhead projector, DVD player, etc.

The OKRTI does not provide expendable teaching supplies. Dry-erase markers may be available in your classroom, but flip-chart paper pads, pens & pencils, etc. must be brought by the organization conducting the training. The OKRTI cannot support bulk printing / photocopying requests, trainers should arrive with adequate student handouts, etc for all participants.

You do not have to be in the Oklahoma National Guard to reserve a classroom at the OKRTI, but there is a fee for non-Oklahoma National Guard organizations and OKNG requirements always take precedence. The cost for non-official classroom use varies with the size of the room you need. See the Classroom Reservations details below.

OKRTI Education Center Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Central) Mon. – Thur.

Education Center Site Manager Office: (405) 475-1502                        
Site Manager Office DSN: 628-1502
Site Manager Office Fax: (405) 478-2790
Education Center Email: Use Contact Form Below
Education Services Office: (405) 228-5676, Contact regarding AFCT, Bonuses, GI Bill and Student Loan Repayment

The Oklahoma Regional Training Institute (OKRTI) makes its facilities available to Military, Government and Civilian organizations to conduct training, conferences, and meetings.

To make a classroom reservation:

  • Review the Classroom FAQs and the OKRTI Priority of Use policy (MAR 13) governing the use of our facilities.

  • Completely read, fill-out and sign the OKRTI Classroom Reservation Request Form, available below.

  • Deliver, scan & email to the address on the form or fax the completed form to 405-478-2790

  • You can follow up your classroom reservation request with an email to the education center from the contact page or phone call to (405) 475-1502 to ensure your reservation has been booked. We typically contact you first only if your requested classroom(s) are NOT available.

OKRTI Classroom Reservation Request Form 
Updated June 2021 - Editions prior are obsolete

CHANGES REGARDING CLASSROOM RENTAL FEES: Effective 01 Feb 2013, all non-Oklahoma National Guard (OKNG) organizations (both military and civilian) will be charged the classroom rental fees listed on the Classroom Reservation Request Form. To establish a payment account with the OKRTI, call (405) 475-1502 during normal business hours.

Completing and submitting the Classroom Reservation Request Form is the ONLY way we can process your classroom requests. Do not assume you have reserved a classroom until you have submitted request form and have confirmed your booking. You will be informed if the classroom(s) you have requested are not available on the days you have specified.

The OKRTI has a manned security gate and 100% ID checks are in effect. Military service members must have a valid Military ID Card to get onto the OKRTI property. Civilians must have a photo ID and be listed on an attendence roster for their scheduled day of training. See the Facilities Scheduling Request Form for specific details on these guidelines.

Units requesting mess support from the OKRTI must complete DA Form 5913 (MAR 06) and contact the 189th Supply Room ASAP at (405) 475-1514 to begin coordination

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