Oklahoma National Guard Inspector General


“To inquire into, and report on, matters affecting the performance of mission and state of economy, efficiency, discipline, and morale of every phase of activity that is within the sphere of responsibility of the CG, Oklahoma National Guard, and as prescribed by law. To provide the CG a continuing assessment of operational and administrative effectiveness through assistance, inspections, inquiries and investigations.”


Inspectors General operate within an environment consisting of the commander, the commanders Soldiers, family members, DA civilian employees, retirees, and other civilians needing assistance with an Army matter and the IG system. IG’s are honest brokers, and consummate fact finders who use training, inspecting, assisting, and investigating as their primary tools. The inscription on the IG crest (Droit et Avant) is French and literally means “right and forward”. Freely translated this motto embodies the IG philosophy of “First be right; then take action.”

Before you call the Inspector General Office, please take the following into consideration

  • Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve.
  •  Are the cooks turning out lousy chow or was it just one bad meal.
  • Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem.
  • Many problems must be addressed to the chain of command for resolution anyway.
  • If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first.
  • IGs at higher commands will normally refer the case to the local IG for action.
  • Be honest and do not provide misleading information.
  • IGs will discover the truth quickly in most cases, and there are penalties for knowingly providing false information.
  • Keep in mind the IG Office is not a policy maker. If a policy is flawed, you can submit a proposed change on DA Form 2028.
  • Keep in mind that IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution.
  • Only Commanders can order. The role of the IG is to advise the Commander.
  • Remember IGs can only resolve a case on the basis of fact.
  • Your claim that a supervisor has violated the rules does not make it fact. A claim must be supported with evidence.
  • Do not expect instant action on your request. Be patient.
  • Investigations take time, and IGs tend to have heavy workloads.
  • Be prepared to take “No” for an answer.
  • In any case – “Yes” or “No” – the IG will explain why


Army personnel need to complete the DA 1559 and the questionnaire.

Air Force personnel need to complete the AF 102 and the questionnaire.

Once completed, forward the DA/AF form and questionnaire to the email on the bottom of the questionnaire.

The first effective Inspector General of the Army: Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand Steuben (September 17, 1730 – November 28, 1794), also referred to as the "Baron von Steuben".

State IG/JFHQ: 

Army and Air National Guard

137th Special Operations Wing

IG Hotline / Complaint Resolution
Wing IG – 405-686-5381
Inspections – 405-686-5200/5163
Self-Assessment – 405-686-5304

138th Fighter Wing

IG Hotline / Complaint Resolution
Wing IG – 918-833-7416
Inspections – 918-833-7419/7918
Self-Assessment – 918-833-7417