Our Vision
The Oklahoma National Guard is a Soldier and Airman focused, values-based organization that inspires and empowers at all levels. We are Oklahomans' premier choice for military service.

Our Mission
Provide Citizen-Soldiers/Airmen and equipment to support domestic and global operations for the people of Oklahoma and the United States.

Our Values
As Oklahoma's foundation is the red dirt beneath our feet, the values guiding Oklahoma National Guard members are RED DIRT.

We strive to be mentally tough, spiritually fit, financially sound, and physically ready.

We create an environment that inspires our subordinates to exercise sound judgment and learn from experiences.

We ensure all individuals and views are represented, all voices are included, and everyone participates.

We embody professional and personal self-discipline at all times, to maintain a cohesive team.

We value honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.

Regenerate the Force
We develop subordinates to replace ourselves through continuous feedback, coaching, and mentoring.

We understand and support managing a balance between our personal, civilian, and military commitments.