Records Requests

Oklahoma Army National Guard Military Record Request Instructions:


Step 1

Complete Standard Form 180 or mail a written request with information listed below. Note, please submit a separate request (either SF-180 or letter) for each individual whose records are being requested.

Written Letter Information Needed:

· The veteran's complete name used while in service

· Service number or social security number

· Branch of service (OKARNG and OKANG records only)

· Dates of service

· Date and place of birth may also be helpful, especially if the service number is not known

· Signature with notary or a readable copy of photo ID


Step 2

Fax or mail to the address provided below. Ensure documents are signed and notarized or provide a copy of photo ID.

Please Note: Next-of-kin (the un-remarried widow or widower, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister of the deceased veteran) must provide a copy of the death certificate as proof of death of the veteran.

Oklahoma Military Department

Attention: Robin Brewer

3501 Military Circle, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Phone: 405-228-5320

Fax: 405-601-3830