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Joint Staff

The Joint Staff assists the Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard in the decision making and execution process of his mission. The sole function of the Joint Staff is command support, and its only authority is that which is delegated to it by the Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard.

The Joint Staff assists the Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard, in accomplishing his responsibilities for strategic direction of the National Guard forces; their operation under unified command; and their integration into an efficient team of land and air forces. The joint Staff is composed of Army and Air National Guard personnel.

Official Family Readiness Groups (FRG)

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Joint Staff Directorates

J-1: Manpower and Personnel Directorate

Provide personnel actions training, support and evaluation to all soldiers and organizations in the Oklahoma National Guard. Participate in contingency planning and mobilization and deployment preparation to provide timely and appropriate military support to meet Federal, State and Community missions. Assess, evaluate and monitor the status of personnel readiness of National Guard units and implement programs and procedures to meet personnel readiness requirements.

J-3: Operations & Training Directorate

The J-3 is responsible for assisting the Oklahoma Command Group in the direction and control of all Oklahoma National Guard Operations. The J-3 conducts this mission through planning, coordinating, information sharing and integrating all aspects of Oklahoma National Guard Operations. These operations include, but ar not limited to, training, force integration, readiness, mobilization, and domestic operations including congressionally mandated programs: the Counter Drug Program and the Weapons of Mass Destruction - Civil Support Team Program.

J-4: Logistics Directorate

The J-4 serves as the primary advisor to the OKARNG for all logistics matters to include, but not limited to: supply, maintenance, transportation, acquisition logistics, installation/facility and environmental issues. The mission of the J-4 is to participate in joint matters at the strategic level with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, other Defense Agencies and the Combatant Commands in support of the National Security Strategy, the national Homeland Security Strategy, and other Department of Defense (DoD) strategies, guidance, directives, deliberate and crisis action plans and contingency operations.

J-5/7: Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate

The J5 plans, conducts and facilitates strategic planning for the Oklahoma National Guard and is responsible for the State Partnership Program as well as providing staff coordination and administration of activities and programs which integrate military and non-military agencies and international programs. The J7 serves as the primary staff directorate for developing and documenting joint training plans, joint training and joint exercises.

J-6: Command, Control, Communications & Computers Directorate

The J-6 will provide high quality, effective and affordable Information Technology Services to the Soldiers, Airmen and civilians of the Oklahoma National Guard. Our focus is to ensure commanders can exceed all standards in performing their state and worldwide federal mission.

J-8: Force Structure, Resources & Assessment

Responsible to Oklahoma National Guard for resource oversight, guidance, policy, procedures, and assessments.


Special Staff

State Chaplain

The Mission of the Joint Chaplaincy is to provide religious support to Oklahoma's Air and Land Warriors across the full spectrum of operations. Ministry Teams assist commanders in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion, and provide spiritual, moral and ethical leadership to the Oklahoma National Guard.

Judge Advocate - JAG

The Oklahoma National Guard’s Office of the Staff Judge Advocate General is part of the Joint Force Headquarters and comprised of Army lawyers, legal administrators, and specialists. Judge advocates assist commanders with Operational Law, Civil Law, and Military Justice. Our lawyers provide limited legal assistance services to service members and their families.

Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs fulfills the Oklahoma National Guard's obligation to keep it's military members and the citizens of Oklahoma informed. Public Affairs helps to establish the conditions that lead to confidence in Oklahoma's National Guard and it's readiness to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict and war.