45th Field Artillery Brigade

With the advent of the United States Army’s modular structure, the mission of the Field Artillery Brigade incorporates those missions previously performed by Corp Artilleries, Division Artilleries and Field Artillery Brigades. The Field Artillery Brigade gives the division, corps, joint task force or land component command a headquarters to plan, synchronize and execute lethal and non-lethal supporting fires in support of current and future operations throughout the command’s Area of Operations.


The Field Artillery Brigade is capable of employing Army and Joint Air, surface and subsurface fires, as well as Special Operations Forces, Information Operations, Civil Affairs and Airspace Command and Control elements. The Field Artillery Brigade also has the necessary command and control structure to integrate attached ground and maneuver forces and function as a maneuver headquarters.

The 45th Field Artillery Brigade will continue to build upon its tradition of excellence and service by developing a professional military force that is fit and ready to serve. We will fulfill our solemn obligation to our nation and state by defending our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic and serving Oklahoma with dignity and respect. The 45th Field Artillery Brigade will continue to be the embodiment of the Citizen Soldier.

The 45th Field Artillery Brigade is composed of an organic High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System battalion, the 1st Battalion,158th Field Artillery Regiment; a support battalion, the 271st Brigade Support Battalion; and two separate batteries/companies, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery and the 205th Network Signal Company.