Camp Gruber Automation

System Administrators

Staff Sgt. Robert Pineiro
(918) 549-6230

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Donald Barnes
(918) 549-6099

  • Network Support
    • Provides primary connectivity for computers, VOIP phones and printing devices
    • Provides OKARNG unit RCAS connectivity up to 720 users
    • Public network is provided for non-OKARNG units capable of supporting up to 254 users
    • Monitored by OKDOIM and NGB
    • 98% of Camp Gruber network is fiber optic (digital)
  • IT Requests
    • Camp Gruber has a very limited supply of IT equipment and cabling, available on a first come-first serve basis
    • Requests for additional equipment and network drops must be submitted 21 days in advance to IT via e-mail
    • Request for building network changes must be submitted to IT 7 days in advance by email
    • Special requests require a minimum of 30 days
  • Computer Lab
    • Building 112 State Distance Learning Center (DLC)
    • 24 computers
    • 1 printer
    • All computers require CAC to log on and are on RCAS network
    Learn more about the Distance Learning Program
  • Printer Support
    • Buildings 108, 120, 132, 221, 230, 240, 260 & 332 have a multi-function printer
    • Color Copies can be made in Post HQ BLDG 155
    • Paper to be supplied by using unit
    • More ink may be checked out upon request


  • IT Sustainment
    • Notify IT section of any missing IT equipment as soon as possible
    • Units will be charged for any missing IT equipment upon building turn-in
    • No IT equipment is to be relocated to another building without first contacting IT
  • Video Teleconference
    • Currently available: Buildings 108, 154, 155, 240,332 & 740 (must contact Range Control for use)
    • If you want to use VTC in Buildings 154 or 155 please contact IT for scheduling.
    • All others must have building reserved in RFMSS for use.