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News from the Oklahoma National Guard

NEWS | May 17, 2023

Oklahoma NG hosts Wellness Day event

Oklahoma National Guard

As part of the Oklahoma National Guard's marking of Mental Health Awareness Month, members of the OKNG attended the annual Wellness Day event in Norman, Oklahoma, on May 9, 2023.

The event brought together members of the Army and Air National Guard, creating a unique opportunity for collaboration and learning. The focus of the day was centered around the five pillars of health: Physical, Occupational, Social, Spiritual, and Financial Wellness. By prioritizing these essential aspects, the National Guard aimed to facilitate leader development and foster positive organizational culture change.

One of the key objectives of Wellness Day was to provide valuable resources and knowledge pertaining to mental health, suicide prevention, and resilience. Various sessions addressed topics such as moral injury, trust-building within organizations, and the importance of seeking help when needed. By openly discussing these matters, the Oklahoma National Guard aimed to reduce stigma and create a supportive environment where members can find the assistance they require.

This year's event introduced new elements that highlighted the significance of holistic well-being. Participants were introduced to activities such as yoga, aroma therapy, and mindfulness techniques, underscoring the importance of mental and emotional self-care. The inclusion of these practices acknowledged that well-being extends beyond physical fitness, encompassing aspects of relaxation, stress reduction, and inner balance.

Recognizing that financial challenges can significantly impact overall well-being, the Oklahoma National Guard also invited a financial advisor to share insights on managing financial issues. Understanding the link between financial stress, anxiety, and depression, this segment provided valuable guidance on achieving financial stability and fostering peace of mind.

By hosting the Wellness Day event, the Oklahoma National Guard demonstrated its commitment to equipping Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen with the necessary resources to fulfill their duties effectively. A resilient and ready force requires more than physical preparedness; it necessitates comprehensive well-being that encompasses mental, emotional, and financial health. Such holistic readiness ensures that Guard members are prepared to serve their state and nation in times of need.

The Oklahoma National Guard Wellness Day event stands as a powerful example of the organization's dedication to its members' welfare. By fostering an environment where mental health and well-being are prioritized, the Guard not only supports individual growth but also strengthens the collective force. Through education, engagement, and access to vital resources, the National Guard continues to pave the way for positive change and a healthier future for its members.

Video by Staff Sgt. Reece Heck
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Oklahoma National Guard
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CG: Information:
Jamey Jacob, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research & Education