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Citizen Soldier for Life mission is to prepare and connect Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers and their immediate Family with employment and education opportunities in order to maintain a ready and resilient force capable of accomplishing the State and Federal missions.

CSFL Career Readiness Counselors (CRC) are able to offer a wealth of services to our National Guard Soldiers, some of these services include:              

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Career Readiness Counselors
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Patrick Mong

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Leonard Lyde

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Q: What is a Career Readiness Counselor's (CRC) role in achieving my career goals?
A: A CRC will sit down to do an one on one session to review all your experience and assist in mapping personal goals and objectives. Then assist in identifying the steps to achieve your goals.

2. Q: How many Career Readiness Counselor's (CRC) are in the state? What are the locations?
A: There are a total of four CRCs in the state. The CRCS are located in Oklahoma City, Norman, Lawton, and Sand Springs.

3. Q: When should I see a Career Readiness Counselor (CRC)?
A: The earlier in your career the better. "Come Early, Come Often"

4. Q: When do I need the MOS Crosswalk form?
A: Use the MOS Crosswalk form to identify and communicate your acquired military skills and experience into marketable civilian career traits.

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MOS Crosswalk Gap Analysis

Bridge the gap: military skills to civilian skills.

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