COVID-19 is a historic pandemic - one that requires a historic response from everyone working as a team. The Oklahoma National Guard joins the State of Oklahoma in responding to the COVID-19 threat. Our Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen stand ready to support our governor, our state and our local communities. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Oklahoma National Guard doing?
The Oklahoma National Guard is working with our state agency partners to identify ways the OKNG can assist the state while keeping our Guardsmen and their families healthy and safe.

How are Guardsmen staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Members of the OKNG called up to respond to COVID-19 will be utilized only in a support role. That support will be forwarded primarily onto the state's medical professionals and first responders. The OKNG will conduct all missions cautiously to help alleviate potential exposure for its service members during this time.

Does the OKNG travel ban apply to me?
Th OKNG travel ban applies to full-time members of the Oklahoma National Guard. It is recommended that traditional Guardsmen that are not full time follow as closely to those guidelines as possible.

What units have been activated?
As specific units have been identified, those Soldiers and Airmen will be notified through their chain of command. If you have questions about your unit, contact your chain of command.

Will I have drill in April?
All April 2020 unit training assemblies for the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard are postponed and a decision will be made by April 15 as to when drill will be rescheduled. Tentatively, April drill make-up is scheduled for April 25-26. The Air National Guard unit training assembly has been changed to a flex UTA and Airmen should contact their chain of command to reschedule.

How can I help?
The most important thing you as a Guardsman or family member can do is to follow CDC and Oklahoma State Department of Health guidelines on keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy. Make sure to keep in touch with your chain of command. They are the most reliable source of up-to-date information regarding unit activities. Follow the OKNG social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

​Quick Facts


Number of Guardsmen activated:
Fewer than 50

Types of missions:

  • Planning & Joint Operations Center manning
  • Coordinating with state & local partners

Quick Links:

Centers for Disease Control

Oklahoma State Department of Health

State of Oklahoma COVID-19 resources