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What is Vigilant Guard?

•National level emergency response exercise sponsored by the National Guard and North American Command (NORTHCOM).

• Will run concurrently with the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management’s annual Earth, Wind and Fire Exercise.

• Vigilant Guard provides an opportunity for local, state, and federal agencies to improve emergency response capabilities in a simulated emergency disaster exercise.

• Vigilant Guard was established as an annual exercise for the National Guard and local, state, and federal emergency agencies to coordinate and practice emergency response techniques.
What is the goal?

• To provide the most realistic training to emergency responders and improve National Guard support to civilian agencies during a catastrophe.

• To improve cooperation between civilian agencies and the Oklahoma National Guard and improve our collective ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Training Scenarios







Search and Rescue

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Mission Statement

The Oklahoma National Guard conducts state-wide exercise Vigilant Guard 18-1, from 30 October to 2 November 2017, in order to test its emergency response capability, conduct coordination with civilian agencies, and exercise Mission Command in a NGCS/DSCA environment.


OKNG Exercise Objectives

► Provide Military Response to Civilian Authority Request for Assistance

► Initiate Military Response

► Identify Resources to meet OEM requests

► Execute portions of All Hazards Plan

► Conduct Interagency Coordination

► Maintain Operational Communications with OEM

► Conduct Mission Command in a NGCS/DSCA Environment

► Integrate T32/T10 Forces

► Sustain Theater Forces

OEM Exercise Objectives

► Public Information and Warning

► Evaluate the ability of state agencies to coordinate with local EOCs to activate emergency alert systems

► Test the ability to establish a JIC and JIS according to NIMS

► Operational Coordination

► Test State EOC cooperation

► Test local jurisdictions’ ability to activate an EOC

► Critical Transportation

► Identify resources to evacuate people from affected areas IAW the State EOP

► Identify resources to evacuate large and small animals from affected areas IAW the State EOP

► Operational Communications

► Test and improve all types of communications, reports, and resource capabilities between local, county, and state EOCs, including back up communications

► Logistics and Supply Chain Management

► Test ability of ESF #11 in order to identify resources to shelter animals