Q: How do I get to the OKRTI? My welcome letter says 6500 N Kelley, where am I supposed to be?

A: If you are traveling by air, you should arrange to fly into Will Rogers World Airport in OKC. Except during our Annual Training period, there is no military shuttle providing transportation from the airport to the OKRTI campus.

Most training and meetings take place in the Education Center. Go to the Education Center if you are still not sure where you’re supposed to be once you arrive on campus. If you arrive after normal duty hours, report to the Billeting Desk. However, keep in mind that the billeting desk is not manned 24 hours a day.

Q: Do I have to show ID to gain entrance to the OKRTI grounds?

A: Yes, the OKRTI has a manned security gate and 100% ID checks are in effect. Gate hours are 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, you cannot gain access to the OKRTI grounds outside of these hours. Military members must have a valid military ID card. Civilians must have some form of photo ID and must also be listed on an attendance roster provided to us by the organization conducting your training. Anyone without a photo ID and / or not listed on an attendance roster will not be allowed onto the OKRTI property.

Due to heightened security concerns, all persons, vehicles and belongings coming onto the OKRTI grounds are subject to search at any time.

Q: What time does my class start?

A: Look for the report time on your orders or the Welcome Letter that directed you to be here. For military courses, check with your Unit Readiness NCO. He or she can verify report times from the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS).

Q: Does the OKRTI have billets I can stay in?
A: Yes, see the Billeting page for complete details on what is available.

Q: Do you have a military dining facility? When is it available?

A: Our dining facility does not operate full-time, it is available only to OKRTI soldiers and students during IDT and ADT training.

Q: Where else can I go for meals?
A: Here is a printable map of restaurants located near the OKRTI.

Q: Is there a PX / Clothing Sales / Commissary / Shoppette at the OKRTI?
A: No, there are no AAFES facilities at the OKRTI. The nearest military installation with AAFES facilities is Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.

Q: How do I get a message to someone attending class at the OKRTI?

A: You can call (405) 475-1500 / 1502 and leave your message between 0700-1630. It is helpful to know the name of the class the individual is attending. There are often hundreds of people on campus and valuable time can be lost searching for the right classroom.

Q: Can I reserve a classroom at the OKRTI?

A: Yes, see the Classroom Reservations page for details.

Q: Do I have to be in the Oklahoma National Guard to reserve a classroom at the OKRTI?

A: No, but there is a fee for non-Oklahoma National Guard (OKNG) organizations and OKNG requirements always take precedence. The cost for non-official classroom use varies with the size of the room you need. See the Classroom Reservations page for details.

Q: What resources are provided when I reserve OKRTI classrooms?

A: Each classroom includes access to audio-visual equipment such as an instructor computer workstation, overhead projector, DVD/VCR player, etc.

The OKRTI does not provide expendable teaching supplies. Dry-erase markers may be available in your classroom, but flip-chart paper pads, pens & pencils, etc. must be brought by the organization conducting the training. The OKRTI cannot support bulk printing / photocopying requests, trainers should arrive with adequate student handouts, etc for all participants.

OKRTI classrooms are provided to you in a standard classroom configuration of student chairs and tables facing the instructor workstation at the front of the room. If you require an alternate set-up, you must plan for additional time and provide any extra personnel needed to rearrange the classroom. If you do alter the classroom set-up, you are required to return it to its original configuration at the conclusion of your event.

Q: Can I use a purchase order number to pay for classroom rental?

A: Yes, we do accept purchase orders. You can also use a check, cash, and most major credit card. Call (405) 475-1502 during normal business hours for details on setting up an account.

Q: I’ve arranged to use one of your classrooms, will I be issued a key?

A : Keys to the classrooms are not normally issued, the building and your classroom will be unlocked prior to your arrival. However, if you believe you will need a key, contact the OKRTI at (405) 475-1502 to discuss your situation. If it is warranted, you may be issued keys.

Q: My classroom feels too hot (or too cold). What can I do about it?

A: The CHA units for the classrooms are pre-programed and run automatically, they cannot be adjusted by the OKRTI staff. Classroom users can make slight temperature adjustments using the wall thermostats, ask at the Site Manager’s office if you need help with this.

Q: Does the OKRTI conduct programs for “at risk” teens?
A: No, the OKRTI is a military training institute for the Oklahoma National Guard and the surrounding eight states. You are thinking about the Thunderbird Youth Academy, another program administered by the Oklahoma National Guard.