The Centennial House is available to rent for events such as training/workshops, parties, weddings, etc. Maximum inside capacity is 89.

Please use the contact page or call 405-475-1507/1500/1535 to get a rental application and the Centennial House event policies.

Once the application is filled out completely, return it to the above email. The application will then be reviewed by the Centennial House board. This process can take up to 3 weeks. Ms. Vernon will contact you as soon as the board has reviewed the application.

NOTE: The Centennial House is not accessible without a staff member. Call or email Ms. Vernon with any questions or to set up a viewing/tour.


Hours of Operation: 0730-1630 (Monday-Thursday)

Centennial House
6700 North Kelley Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Contact LouAnn Vernon
Or email on Contact Page


Same day set up price / Prior day set up price

General Public: *$500.00 / $750.00

Outside non-profit: $150.00 / $250.00

National Guard Affiliated: $100.00 / $150.00
(organizations that benefit OKNG, i.e. NGAOK, civilians who work for the OKNG)

Official Functions:No Charge / No Charge
(retirement, pinning, change of command, etc.--during regular office hours)

Current and retired Oklahoma National Guard members:
(includes members of immediate household only--no subletting)
E1-E8: $75.00 / $100.00
O1-O4: $100.00 / $150.00
E9, O5 and Above: $150.00 / $250.00

  • All events will be paid for with a cashiers check or money order, payable to OKLAHOMA MILITARY DEPARTMENT "OMD", for rental fee.
  • Supervision Fee: The Renter shall incur the expense for facility supervision fee at the rate of $20.00 per hour for your event. Must pay the staff supervisor on duty.
  • Licensed Bartender: The renter will be required to hire a licensed bartender to serve alcohol during the event. License and proof of ID will be required by the staff supervisor on duty. All event applications must be reviewed by the Centennial House Board before approval.
  • The Centennial House is not accessible without a staff member, please call or email to schedule a visit or tour.
  • The second floor offices are currently occupied, do not disturb the occupants.