Eligible Soldiers interested in applying to the Oklahoma National Guard State Officer Candidate School (OCS) may start the process by downloading the application below and contacting the Officer Strength Manager (OSM) at 405-228-5327 or 405-228-5000


OKARNG Form 45-E

State OCS Application Packet Checklist

Download Fillable PDF


Certified Copy of Birth Certificate 
* Naturalization documents required if not a U.S. Citizen by birth.
* Must commission prior to age 42, waiver not authorized.
Either can be located in your iPerms.

Copy of Social Security Card
Must be current to reflect any name changes due to marriage or other reasons.
Can be located in your iPerms.


Official College Transcript

Must have a minimum of 90 college credit hours from an accredited institution to be accepted into OCS.

Download College Transcript Request Form (PDF)

ASVAB GT Score Verification
*Minimum GT score of 110 is required.
Can be obtained through your unit.

Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)
Can be located in via G1 Personnel Gateway

DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)
Can be located in your iPerms or download a blank form here.


DD Form 214 (Prior Military Service)
Can be located in your iPerms.


DD Form 369 (Police Record Check)
* Must be within 30 days of OCS application packet submission date.
Blank form can be downloaded here.

Waiver for Civil Conviction, if Required

Have you ever been convicted or arrested by a civil court other than minor traffic violation? Have you received a traffic tickets of $250 or more?

Download a Checklist of Requirements (PDF) 

* Contact the Officer Strength Manager for guidance on submitting waiver request.                    

DA Form 705 (APFT Scorecard)
* DA Form 5500-R or 5501-R, if Required
Must be within 30 days of OCS application packet submission date.


DA Form 4836 (Extension of Enlistment), if Required
Provide most recent copy. Your current enlistment must extend beyond your OCS class graduation date.


DA Form 3645, 3645-1 (Equip. & Clothing Record)
Must show complete issue of all clothing and equipment required to attend OCS. Can be obtained through your unit.

e-QIP Security Clearance Input Verification or SF 312
You must have a security clearance level of "SECRET" based upon a NACLC investigation to be commissioned. “SECRET” clearances based on an ENTNAC investigation do not qualify for commissioning purposes. Applicants who already have a "SECRET" clearance must provide a SF 312. Applicants without a "SECRET" clearance must coordinate with their unit to submit an application through e-QIP and provide a copy of e-QIP input verification email.

PHA (Periodic Health Assessment)
Must have a current PHA that will not expire prior to the month of September

DD 2807-2 & USMEPCOM 680-3A-E (Medical Pre-Screen & Request for Examination)
Download DD 2807-2 (PDF)
Download USMEPCOM680-3A (PDF)
Download USMEPCOM680 Instructions (PDF)
* Chapter 2 Physical will be scheduled through the OSM ONLY

NGB Form 62-E (Draft Version)
Fill out pages 1-3 ONLYhere

Candidate Autobiography
Download Candidate Autobiography Instructions (PDF)

Commander's Letter of Recommendation
Applicant's commander must write a Letter of Recommendation attesting to the Soldier's suitability for the OCS program and leadership potential.