Camp Gruber Range Control
Building 740
Hours of operation:
    0630-1700 Mon-Fri and on IDT Weekend
    Manned during all training on ranges and training areas
Mandatory Check in/out at Range Control
Coordinate Convoy/Ammo movements
Continuous block in RFMSS indicates training will be over night; impacts Range Control coverage and ability of unit to train
Safety Brief/Information (TA, Ranges, Facilities)
Mandatory 0800 Daily Coordination Meeting for BN S3/XO/OPS
Advises units on Range Safety Certification Program
Only Commanders (05) can certify
OIC’s must be certified
RSO’s must be qualified - Qualification on weapons systems by type
Camp Gruber Range Control Desk 2.pngInspects all Ranges
Maintains Range Equipment
Coordinate Range Set-up and Prep
Confirms SDZs and exceptions
Guides and assists on Ranges and Training Areas
Clears Ranges and Training Areas
All incidents Report to Range Control
Unexploded Ordinance -- UXO
Civilians in training areas
Fires (ranges/training areas)
Live Fire Shoot House (LFSH)Camp_Gruber_Range_Zero_Range_East_R1100.png

The primary purpose of the Live Fire Shoot House (LFSH) is to train units during live fire exercise to move tactically, engage targets, conduct breaches, and practice target discrimination in an urban environment. The LFSH is equipped with digital video cameras in order to monitor progression through the Shoot House. The targetry utliized in the Shoot House can register hits with LIVE rounds or Simmunitions.

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Range 0400 - Sniper Range

A live-fire range used to train and test soldiers on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry targets in a tactical array. Weapons/ammunition authorized for use –M24/7.62mm and M85/. 50cal. Targetry must be coordinated with Range Control (for placement and operation) prior to drawing the range.

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Range 1300 - Multi-Purpose Machine Gun (
Range 1Camp_Gruber_Range_Zero_Range_East_R1100.png

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Range 0150 - Known Distance RangeCamp_Gruber_Range_Zero_Range_East_R1100.png

This range is designed for training advanced rifle marksmanship and target engagement techniques with immediate downrange feedback and competition. This range is used to train and familiarize Soldiers on the skills necessary to identify, calculate distance, engage, and hit targets in a static array out to 800 meters. The range is designed for training shot grouping and zeroing exercises with the M16 and M4 series rifle and M24, SR-25 and M110 sniper systems. This range has 32 firing points and firing lines at 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, and 800m. Targets are mounted on lifter type frames. This range is also used for Squad Designated Marksmanship (SDM) training and certification. Certain competition shooting matches for which 9mm ammunition may also be fired and is subject to approval by Range Management Authority no less than 60 days prior to the day of the training event.


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Range 1300 - Modified Record Fire Range One

This range is used to train and test individual soldiers on the skills necessary to identify, engage and defeat stationary infantry targets for day/night qualification requirements with the M16 and M4 rifles. This range has 16 firing points. Weapons/ammunition authorized for use on this range are M16 series, M4 and M249/5.56mm.

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Range 2300 - Modified Record Fire Range
Range 2000 - NBC

A single building (one room) for training personnel in the employment of protective equipment and the effects of chemical agents. The building is a 16 feet by 32 feet one room chamber area. Weapons/ammunition authorized for use: CS riot control agents (RCAs). NO BURNING CANISTERS OR SYSTEMS WILL BE USED IN THIS FACILITY.

Range 4800 - Breach Range


This range is used to train individual Soldiers on the technical aspects of breaching techniques. It is also used to train tactics, techniques, and procedures and explosive techniques not trained on any other type of facility. Blasts are restricted to a maximum charge of 1lb of material per shot. Total weight of explosives maintained on the range may not exceed 25lbs (net explosive weight/NEW).


PDF DocumentDownload the Range Certification