The Camp Gruber Department of Public Works builds and

maintains facilities at Camp Gruber Training Center.

Total Billeting Capacity: 2500

Total Dining Capacity: 1520

Chargeable Quarters – 120 Bed Capacity

Headquarter Buildings (X8) - Bde X 1, Bn X 4, Co X 3

Classrooms (X4) - 305 Seats Capacity

Separate Dining Facility (X2) - 120 Seat Capacity & 240 Seat Capacity

Consolidated Barracks (X8) -
1920 Bed Capacity (total)
160 Seat Dining Facility per barracks

Co. HQ, Co. Supply Rooms

Single Story Barracks (X5) - 360 Bed Capacity

Multi-Purpose BLDG - 370 Seat Capacity 

AAFES Shoppette

Physical Fitness Center

Two Mile Running Track

Post Chapel

Camp Gruber Security 2.png 
Camp Gruber Security 3.png 
Camp Gruber Security 4.png