biloff.jpg Our friendly, professional staff looks forward to assisting you with your temporary lodging needs while visiting Camp Gruber. Whether you are attending training, or are on temporary duty, our mission is to provide you lodging service that is a good value, comfortable, clean and safe.


6 two bedroom homes: Bldg # 164, 166, 168, 272, 274, 276 Shared bath, living room, kitchen and dining area.

Price: Official $30.00         Unofficial $40.00


12 three bedroom trailers: Bldg. 40,41,42,43,44,45,47,50,51,52,53

Price: Official $25.00         Unofficial $35.00

SBOQ/SBEQ Building 232

16 single bedrooms, bath between two rooms.

Price: Official $25.00         Unofficial $30.00


Building 226, 227 and 228 Each building has 10 double rooms, with baths between the rooms.

Price: Official $20.00         Unofficial $23.00

JBEQ Building 128

20 double rooms with a central open latrine in the middle of a converted “H” style barrack.

Price: Official $15.00         Unofficial $18.00

Distinguished Visitor Quarters (DVQ)

Building 900

Price: Official $35.00         Unofficial: $50.00

Transient Barracks

Building 125/126

Unofficial: $2.00

Black Hawk Recreational Vehicle Park (12 Slots)

Daily User Rate: $9.00
Weekly User Rate: $54.00
Monthly User Rate: $189.00

All chargeable quarters have television, refrigerators, microwaves, alarm clocks, coffee pots (coffee provided) and irons with ironing boards. All BOQ's have DirecTV service. Limited maid service is provided to include linen and towels; due to restrictions on work hours, maid service is not always provided on weekends.
Camp Gruber Cottage 1.png Camp Gruber Cottage 3.png Camp Gruber Cottage 3.png Camp Gruber Billeting Open Bay.png Camp Gruber Billeting Bathroom 1.png Camp Gruber Billeting Bathroom 2.png