System Administrators

POC for Camp Gruber phone, computer, printer, and all other IT related issues

 WOC Donald Barnes

(918) 549-6230

SGT Benjamin Sanders

(918) 549-6231



•Provides primary connectivity for computers, VOIP phones and printing devices

•Provides OKARNG unit RCAS connectivity up to 720 users

•Public network is provided for non-OKARNG units capable of supporting up to 254 users

•Monitored by OKDOIM and NGB

•98% of Camp Gruber network is fiber optic (digital)


IT Requests

•Camp Gruber has a very limited supply of IT equipment and cabling, available on a first come-first serve basis

•Requests for additional equipment and network drops must be submitted 21 days in advance to IT via e-mail

•Request for building network changes must be submitted to IT 7 days in advance by email

•Special requests require a minimum of 30 days


Computer lab

•Building 112 has 15 computers

•Potential for up to 20 more computers to be plugged in by units

•All computers have CAC readers and are on public network


Wifi Available.jpg


Printer support

•Buildings 115, 118, 119, 122, 132, 220, 230, 240 & 260 have a multi-function printer

•Paper to be supplied by using unit.

•More ink may be checked out upon request



•Notify IT section of any missing IT equipment as soon as possible

•Units will be charged for any missing IT equipment upon building turn-in

•No IT equipment is to be relocated to another building without first contacting IT


Video teleconference (VTC)

•Currently available : BLDG 108, 119, 154, & 155

•Please submit requests for VTC 72 hours in advance to IT








AWN WiFi Rates

•Hourly    $3.50

•Daily       $9.50

•Weekly   $24.50

•Monthly  $39.00

•Group rates available