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         Oklahoma Substance Abuse Program (SAP)

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Meet your Substance Abuse Prevention team

Sometimes life can be challenging.  Whether it's financial, personal or other stressors, it can be difficult to sit with these worries. 

A way of coping that is immediate would entail drinking or getting high to ease the pressure within.

Dealing with these concerns as they come up allows you to take care of yourself and decrease the worry and anxiety. 

Nothing beats learning a new way of living as much as the consequences of getting high. 

Our Alcohol and Drug Control personnel are here to help.  John Waller has been with the program for over 2 years and is the leading trainer to educate all soldiers on well-being.  The new kid on the block is Angela Cunningham.  She is responsible for helping soldiers who have tested positive find a financially feasible treatment center for an assessment. 

We are a team that cares about you and will continually give the message: "Please take good care of yourself".  You are important to many people, you are needed and have a lot to offer. 






Angela Cunningham, M.S., LPC

Alcohol and Drug Control Office


3501 Military Circle, OKC OK 73111

(405) 228-5146

Cell: (405) 323-3995


John W. Waller

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator


3501 Military Circle, OKC, OK 73111

Mobile: 405-394-3339

Office:  405-228-5145