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          Prevention Education: Standard Drinks

The Standard Drink is a metric used to measure the amount of alcohol that a person intakes.

Cup1.png 1.5 oz. of 80-proof spirits

Cup2.png 5 oz. of wine with 7-12% alcohol content

Cup3.png 12 oz. of beer with 4-6% alcohol content


Make Strong Choices


Prevention Education: Low-Risk Guidelines

The 0-1-2-3 Low Risk Guidelines help Soldiers make low-risk choices when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

0 Drinks if you are underage, pregnant, at risk for alcoholism or planning on operating a motor vehicle; 0 illegal or non-prescribed drugs

1 Maximum number of standard drinks in one hour

2 Maximum number of standard drinks in one day if you are a daily drinker or regular drinker

3 Maximum number of standard drinks in one day if you are an occasional drinker or drink only on special occasions

If you or a friend are making high-risk choices and/or need help, contact your Substance Abuse Program team.


Education and Prevention Outreach Activities

Being Well.png • The human body is a complex machine that needs to be maintained and fine-tuned for optimal performance

• Drugs and alcohol can interfere with the human body functioning at full potential

Relating Well.png • Consider the relationships in your lives and the influence that others have on you, as well as the influence you have on them

• Making high-risk choices with drugs and alcohol can negatively impact relationships
Living Well.png • Everyone has a pendulum that swings between pleasure and stress as a result of every-day actions
•Drugs and alcohol are unhealthy ways to cope with stress and can have serious negative impacts

Working Well.png • Everyone works on a team, in some capacity.  A team needs to work as a cohesive unit to be successful
• Making high-risk choices with drugs and alcohol not only impacts the individual, but also negatively impacts the entire team, preventing the team from achieving their mission
Leading Well.png• Leadership plays a critical role in supporting a cultural shift towards Soldiers making low-risk choices with drugs and alcohol
• It’s important that Commanders approach the subject with their Soldiers appropriately.  Leaders must analyze what they say to their Soldiers and how they say it