90th Troop Command


The 90th Troop Command provides combat service support to American’s Army for Unified Land Operations, Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and Civil Support. We are Citizen-Soldiers providing highly skilled professional expertise in support of community, state, and national missions.

As the most diverse subordinate command in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, the 90th Troop Command maintains a robust capability to support transportation, engineer, medical, public affairs, band, aviation, aviation logistical support and command and control to the state and nation. Our motto “Mission First, People Always!” symbolizes our selfless service and is our pledge to be prepared when called upon to assist our communities, state and nation.


Vision Statement:

The 90th Troop Command will provide ready, capable forces to the state and nation in time of crisis and need. Our singular focus is being prepared to serve the people of Oklahoma and this nation when called upon. The members of the 90th Troop Command continually hone their skills through mission focused training that enables them to live up to the National Guard Motto; “Always Ready, Always There!”


Significant Events:

During 2015, the 90th Troop Command units focused on personnel readiness and training to ensure they are prepared for future deployments or activations to support the State of Oklahoma. 90th Troop Command conducted consolidated training at Camp Gruber in June 2015, with a focus on enhancement of Soldier technical and military professional skills.

The 90th Troop Command trained several units for deployment while preforming multiple Oklahoma Army National Guard medical readiness events to support all of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. The Brigade was also tasked to fight several grass fires and support state emergency missions throughout the year.


Personnel, training, operations, logistics readiness and support are the primary missions of the Troop Command headquarters based in Oklahoma City. Increasing unit readiness was a major focus of the Headquarters.

The 120th Engineer Battalion is based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and is made up of eight different units with varied missions and capabilities. These units are: Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) 120th Engineer Battalion; Company A, Forward Support Company (FSC) 120th Engineer Battalion; 1220th Engineer Company; 2120th Engineer Company; 3120th Engineer Company; 720th  Engineer Detachment (Survey and Design); 1120th Engineer Detachment; and the 120th Area Support Medical Company.

HHC, 120th Engineer Battalion is the command and support structure for the subordinate units assigned to the Battalion. The priority focus for the Battalion was personnel readiness in the areas of education, medical, and individual training. The Battalion conducted Annual Training in June 2015 at Camp Gruber near Braggs, Oklahoma to enhance  individual Soldier readiness and maintain construction skills. HHC planned and directed several construction projects at Camp Gruber to include a parade field, several culverts with head walls, reinvented several bridges, mass casualty event, and an Engineer Dining In event for all OKARNG Engineers.

Company A provided LOGPACs, food service, and refuel operations for the 120th Engineer Battalion and other support elements. Company A is the logistics element of the Battalion providing transportation, maintenance, supplies, rations, and water to subordinate units of the Battalion.

Official Family Readiness Groups (FRG)

FacebookOKNG Medical Detachment FRG

Facebook120th Engineers FRG

The 1220th Engineer Company supported transportation mission that consisted of the unit transporting a M270 MLRS and a M110 8” Howitzer from Fort Sill, Oklahoma (MATES) to CSMS in Norman, Oklahoma with six heavy equipment operators. After several months and all maintenance on the equipment was completed, the unit transported the equipment from CSMS in Norman to the Mustang Armed Forces Reserve Center with six heavy equipment operators. Also, during several training exercises at Camp Gruber for the Battalion’s Annual Training 2015, the unit completed 11 acres of clearing and leveling; hauled 210 cubic yards completing over 489 equipment hours and 844 man hours. The 1220th is a Horizontal Construction Company that is responsible for road and airfield construction, repair, and maintenance as well as construction site clearing and preparation, and emplacement of surface water management systems.


The 3120th Engineer Company moved 2,575 cubic yards of soil from the new constructed parade field that is still in progress and completed 3,189 cubic yards of cut and fill to include some clearing and grubbing operations to prepare for Camp Gruber’s future construction during the Battalion’s Annual Training 2015; executing a total of 1,333 man hours. The 3120th Engineer Company is an airmobile engineer construction unit charged to support Brigade Combat Teams with earthmoving equipment for combat operations, and maintaining or constructing roads, airfields, and helipads.


The 2120th Engineer Company completed three projects of headwalls and bridges, installed water fountains, construct sidewalks, installed LED lights; replaced 240 feet of water line; and replaced electrical cables and wiring in several buildings completing 168 equipment hours and 1,262 man hours that enhanced both the training center and training areas. The 2120th Engineer Company is a vertical construction company that constructs buildings and other structures, and well as providing soil haul capability. Their skills sets include electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and masons.


The 1120th Engineer Detachment supported 1220th 3120th construction projects with heavy equipment operators and dump truck drivers during the Battalion’s Annual Training in 2015. The 1120th Engineer Detachment is a sustainment unit maintaining Foward Operating Bases. The detachment provides those bases with electrical, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and road maintenance and repair to support military operations.


The 720th Survey and Design Team conducted construction survey and design of projects at Camp Gruber. The unit surveyed horizontal and paving projects prior to project construction, ensured soil stabilization, and ensured proper drainage implementation. The 720th Engineer Team also surveyed and designed a new Camp Gruber Parade Field that will be constructed over the next calendar year. Also, the 720th Survey and Design Team navigated on foot over 13 miles of movement across rough terrain and 320 miles mounted across Camp Gruber to validate and replace boundary markers based on a 1942 USACE survey map. Further, they navigated and scouted low water crossings for Camp Gruber Range Control operations. The 720th Survey and Design Team provides survey, design, and materials testing to support military construction missions.


The 120th Medical Company provided medical support for all the Soldiers of the 90th Troop Command as well as providing specialized providers to support medical events across the state for OKARNG Soldiers. The unit completed over six-hundred Medical Readiness Event assessments and completed over 4,200 hours of medical continuing education requirements. The medics, physician assistants, and doctors of the 120th Medical Company are key players in the readiness of the 90th Troop Command and the Oklahoma Army National Guard. Also, during 120th Medical Company’s annual training, they were evaluated by a 1st Army Training Readiness Team and received a validation for ability to provide effective and efficient medical readiness to Soldiers during the Company’s three day Field Training Exercise at Camp Gruber. The 120th Medical Company provides superb medical support and expertise to keep our Soldiers ready for any mission.


The 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion consists of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 1245th Transportation Company, 1345th Transportation Company, and Company A 777th Aviation Support Battalion (Distribution).


The Battalion is the heavy haulers of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. The units of the 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion have the capability to move supplies, personnel, and military equipment to any location to meet the needs of our troops or in support of civilian authorities. Each unit within the 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion supported numerous community events across Oklahoma including Veteran’s and Memorial Day activities, and supported numerous local schools and tribal events. The 1245th Transportation Company (TC) is located in Ada, Oklahoma. 1245th TC is a medium truck company Palletized Load System (PLS). They are comprised of highly experienced Soldiers who provide a unique hauling capability. Each truck is equipped with a unique flat rack system designed to quickly upload and download equipment making them one of the most efficient transportation companies available. They have 60 PLS trucks with a load capacity of 22.5 tons each. The 1245th TC supported numerous community events including parades, tribal events and local football games. The 1245th has deployed in support of both Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and supported multiple state active duty missions. In 2015, the 1245th completed a successful rotation at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, California. The 1245th Transportation Company stands ready to support missions at home and abroad.


The 1345th Transportation Company (TC) is a line haul truck company located in Mustang, Oklahoma. They have 60 line haul tractors and 120 trailers capable of moving up to 22.5 tons each. The 1345th TC has mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and is scheduled to mobilize in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in 2016. In 2015, the 1345th supported Operation Patriot Bandoleer moving 22 containers of ammunition from Sunny Point, North Carolina to Tooele, Utah. Throughout the year they focused on individual and collective training of doing what they do best, drive. They have participated in numerous training events, community parades and state active duty missions. The 1345th Transportation Company stands ready to support local, state, national and global missions at a moment’s notice.


The 90th Troop Command’s Aviation Battalion is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is made up of three different units with varied missions and capabilities. Company B, 834th Aviation Support Battalion (ASB); 1-245th Airfield Operations Battalion (AOB); and Det. 1, Company B, 2-149th General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB). During Annual Training in 2015, the aviation units flew over 300 hours in support of various Oklahoma Army National Guard units across the state of Oklahoma .


The 777th Distribution Company is located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. A Co. stands ready to provide water distribution, fuel distribution, warehouse operations, and transportation as necessary. The unit has supported multiple State Active Duty missions and is preparing to deploy in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in 2016. The unit continues to train both individual and collective training and has participated in many community events to include local schools, football games and parades. The 777th Distribution Company stands ready to support multiple missions at both home and abroad.


The 1-245th Airfield Operations Battalion provides Air Traffic Control services for the Oklahoma Army National Guard. During 2015 the 1-245th AOB supported over 300 hours of flight missions in support of various Oklahoma Army National Guard training events. The 1-245th AOB also partnered with the city of Muskogee to provide Air Traffic Services at the Muskogee Davis Airport. The unit also conducted joint emergency prepardness exercises with the city of Muskogee simulating an aircraft accident at the Muskogee Davis Airport.


Det. 1, Company B, 2-149th GSAB is a heavy lift helicopter unit primarily providing air assault, administrative personnel movement and equipment movement operations via CH-47 Chinook.


Company B, 834th Aviation Support Battalion stands ready to provide aviation maintenance support to Apache, Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters. 28 Soldiers from B Company deployed for six months to Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield. Their mission was providing aviation maintenance support to a forward deployed Combat Aviation Brigade.


The Oklahoma Army National Guard Medical Detachment completed its first year in a fixed facility. The Medical Detachment has the primary mission of supporting the Oklahoma Army National Guard medical readiness based on Department of The Army and National Guard Bureau regulatory requirements per Army Regulation 40-501 (Standards of Medical Fitness). We are the primary resource for maintaining Soldiers’ Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) and Dental Readiness annual exams. The Medical Detachment did approximately 3,600 PHAs and 3,100 dental exams during the 2015 Calendar year. Along with the statewide medical readiness mission, the Medical Detachment provided direct medical support to numerous Oklahoma Army National Guard events that allowed other units to train in their primary war-fighting missions such as the Best Warrior Competition and Combat Lifesaver Courses. The Medical Detachment serves as the primary duty location for the majority of the State’s providers (Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Doctors of Osteopathy, and Medical Doctors) as well as the State’s Dental Command and Behavioral Health Specialists. In 2015, the Medical Detachment Soldiers averaged 12 additional days of duty to maintain the States Medical Readiness. The Medical Detachment continues to stand ready and capable of ensuring the continued health readiness of the Oklahoma Army National Guard.


The highly trained and dedicated print and broadcast journalists of the 145th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, based in Oklahoma City, tell the story of the Oklahoma National Guard. Through video news releases, photographs, web-based media and print media, these Soldiers help inform and educate the citizens of Oklahoma on what their National Guard is doing for the community, state and nation. During 2015, the 145th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment covered the first comprehensive annual training to take place since the Overseas Operational Contingency/Global War on Terror began, providing video packages, still photos, stories, and on-the-spot social media releases. Members of the 145th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment covered other events such as Horseback Heroes, Thunder Mudder, Oklahoma High School Football Game of the Week, 145th Army Band concerts, change of command ceremonies and other training events at Camp Gruber. Their news products and photographs of both the Oklahoma National Guard serving here at home were seen in newspapers and on television news programs around the world.


Known as the "Governor’s Own" the 145th Army Band based in Oklahoma City is one of the top bands in the United States Military. The mission of the 145th Army Band is to provide music to instill in our forces the will to fight and win, foster the support of our citizens, and promote our national interests at home and abroad. To that end, the 145th Army Band provided over 33 performances to military and public audiences throughout Oklahoma during 2015 to include military ceremonies, various community festivals and events, and several performances as part of the Oklahoma City Arts Festival.